Submit a Coupon

At CouponsCandy, we know that our customers value the most popular and relevant deals and coupons. Our most viewed “Submit Coupon” process helps ensure that the most popular and relevant coupons and deals are given priority, providing our customers with the best savings opportunities. By submitting a coupon, you’ll be helping others save money while also gaining exposure for your brand. So why wait? Submit your coupon today and start reaching new customers!

“Submit Coupon” process that you can implement on your CouponsCandy website:

1 . Click on the “Submit a Coupon” button located on our website’s homepage.

2 . Fill out the submission form with the details of the coupon or deal. Be sure to include any relevant promo codes, expiration dates, and any restrictions or exclusions.

  1. Our system will automatically prioritize your submission based on the popularity and relevance of the coupon or deal. Coupons and deals that are most viewed by our website visitors will be given priority and will be reviewed first.
  2. Once reviewed, your coupon or deal will be added to our website and shared with our loyal customers, providing them with the opportunity to save big on their purchases.

5 . You’ll receive a confirmation email once your coupon has been approved and added to our website.