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In Many countries the celebrating of New Year almost same. New Year starts at night when the next colander date began. Celebration style of New Year can be different in others countries like the Some People would like to dance, drink, and the most of the people want to see the fireworks. The atmosphere of the beginning of New Year is awesome. Many Christians attends the watch night services.If we talk about other countries like Canada, Australia, UK, there is no official holiday, but some businesses closed early and schools closed that day.  And many people’s get the half day to join their family for the night celebration.

Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar, During the Roman Era.  Which sets the Yew Year. In different countries with different religions celebrate it in different times. US Celebrate this event with formal parties, drinks, family oriented activities, gathered around some places where fireworks going to start. They enjoy a lot by these activities. Especially in New York the “Time Ball” that used as a time signal. Two reasons to celebrate this event makes feelings more strong first the past year is ending they will never come back in our lives. Peoples remembers the good memories of the previous year. And the other is to welcome the New Year.By welcoming the Year Near peoples hoping to do better decisions for the upcoming challenges. After welcome to the New Year, day starts with greetings everywhere, effects of New Year days remain for many days. When you go to office every faces are smiling, a different glow on the skin shining. Feeling like newly world. The happiness directly engaged with your upcoming plans, People defines the aim of life. Tries to get rid of the bad habits.It’s been observed that many peoples who distressed by someone can propitiate then that day. Simple to wish that person Happy New Year with a gift and smile of Face can make the person happy.

Just to forget what happened last year, whatever was the reason just think positive, look forward to spend the better life and make secure your future with whom you love a lot. You can say sorry to your friend that you have hurt him unintentionally, if you keep that positive things In mind for the New Year, definitely the New Year brings the best changes in your lives.

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