Valentine’s Day is a Day of Love

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In the name of Saint Valentine Every February 14 in United States of America and all over the world Peoples exchange of gifts like candies and flowers to their love ones. What is the mystery of saint valentine? And from where this tradition came from that will discuss further. As we know that in the month of February but if we have a look back then we came to know that it contains reminder of Christian and Romans tradition that now all the countries celebrates as a day of love. Catholic Church defines the three saints named and as per Catholic Church all of them were martyred. Valentine was a priest who served in room during the 3rd century. Valentine raises his voice when he found the injustice of young marriages in secret. But when Claudius knows his action he ordered to put valentine to be death. There are many stories regarding his action, some says that he was beaten and tortured and then killed when he was helping the Christians escape from Roman prisons.

Some says that when he was trying to help the Christians he was put on the jail where he was fell in love with jailors daughter and he caught when his letter of love was captured by the jail staff. The truth behind his story still is a mystery but people’s discussion him as a legend heroic especially romantic figure. Because of his act saint valentine become much popular in France and England. Some believes that they should celebrate this day to commemorate the anniversary of saint valentine’s death. But Christian Church decided to celebrate as a saint valentine feast day in the middle of the February in the effort of Christianize.This day is definitely associated with the mating season of the birds in France and England so these days called days of love. This event becomes popular in united state in the 17th of century like friends and lovers of all social classes that exchange little affection.

Americans introduced the exchange of gifts in 17th century. Now in the world every one send the valentine love card to express the feeling for his/her lovers.

Valentine’s Day in the United States:

In American valentine day celebrates on 14th of February. This event is to express the feeling of love, for these peoples give cards and flowers to lovers. Because this event is a symbol of love so mainly heart shaped gifts mostly exchange by the peoples. Mostly people go to the restaurant to enjoy the candle light dinner to make the beautiful night much memorable. Valentine day is not a public holiday, schools and markets are open peoples prefer to purchase gifts so markets remain open till late night. Restaurant much busier then any other day because of people prefers to have dinner outside with his love ones. Get the Latest Valentine’s Day Coupon Codes Fresh Deals Offers Only at

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