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Fourth of July is the Independence Day of Americans. On that day there is a public holiday that the entire American celebrates. That is the day to memorize the declaration of Independence by the Americans. The question is what actually happens on that day, the thirteen colonies in England who claimed their Independence Day from the England. Eventually that is the formation of the United States. 4th of July celebrates as a Independence Day from England and Americans celebrates this historic Day. On July 2, 1776 the congress unanimously voted about the independence of United States. After the 2 days congress declared this day as a independence Day of American.

The first colony who settled in American was in Jamestown Virginia in 1607, many peoples who want to escape from the religious discrimination was come there and get settled. In 1620 Pilgrim founders of Plymouth arrived. From the Native Americans the colony flourishes with some assistance. If we look into the history we can find there is a lot of way how the Americans celebrates this Day. In Bristol, Rhode Island, in 1777 the day was celebrates with the 13 shotguns in the morning and also in the evening to remember this day of Independent. In 1778 the American army doubles the troops to show the celebration activities around the States. Now a Days the Fireworks is the commonly used to celebrates this Day, Peoples enjoy the Fireworks and displays are held in the Major cities.

On that day there is Federal holiday that means everyone just focus on that day, Government offices and schools closed on that day. Not all but some businesses were closed on that day. Many Employees gets the portion of their holiday to make the weekend longer to enjoy the celebration. In popular holidays places there is a rush of peoples because everybody wants to celebrate this day on that place where others gathered in that way celebration of Independence became more enjoyable. Parades by the army held are in many public places, fireworks displays. It’s a Federal holiday that means the day is to spend the time with the families for the remembrance. Families enjoy that day want to be a part of the celebration; they cook food and enjoy the meal together.  Arrange the parties get new dresses to look active Americans for their Independence Day.

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