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Plymouth colonist and Wampanoag Indians share an autumn harvest feast to celebrate this festival but acknowledge as a first thanks giving day. This event celebrating for more than 2 centuries by the individual colonies and some states. This event was celebrated on and off since 1789, but by the request of congress to George Washington this event celebrated as a federal holiday. In the New World in October 1621 this event celebrated by the pilgrims after the first harvest. This event called Tanks giving because of the blessings of the harvest. The day began by the people to say thank to each other.

In United State of America every fourth Thursday of November, this even celebrates, mostly families began the celebration from the Thanks giving day, and many people’s have their own tradition to enjoy this event every year. Its celebrate together with Christmas and the New Year now this even become the part of the fall/winter holidays of the US. Thanks giving day is not a religious day, it’s a federal government who created this holiday, and it’s not a like Christmas or Easter, this holiday given by the government to thanks each other. Thanks giving day is a day in which peoples get to gather and have some special meal (Stuffing, Potatoes, Pumpkin pie etc.) they Enjoy the party celebrate the event together. It’s also a family event because Mostly families come to join this event and make stronger this tradition.

This event is to celebrate the happiness, to enjoy the event the special food is cooked by the families. By the respect of the day these foods mostly choose by the people like (roasted Turkey, Hot Rolls, Fruit, creamed asparagus tips salad, fruit cakes.Not just in America but also different countries who celebrates this event like Canada, Grenada, Philippines, Saint Lucia, and Netherlands. Now this event is celebrated in many states to get the opportunity to spread the happiness among the peoples. It’s a healthy activity to enjoy with the family.

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