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History of Thanks Giving Day

Plymouth colonist and Wampanoag Indians share an autumn harvest feast to celebrate this festival but acknowledge as a first thanks giving day. This event celebrating for more than 2 centuries by the individual colonies and some states. This event was celebrated on and off since 1789, but by the request of congress to George Washington…

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How To Prepare For A New Year

In Many countries the celebrating of New Year almost same. New Year starts at night when the next colander date began. Celebration style of New Year can be different in others countries like the Some People would like to dance, drink, and the most of the people want to see the fireworks. The atmosphere of…

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Memorial Day Never Forget

It’s an American Holiday to remember heroic sacrifice, honoring the man and women who died serving the US army. The Memorial Day also Known as decoration day.  It starts after the civil war and become the official holiday in 1971. The holiday that celebrates every year was held on May 28, 2018, it marks as…

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