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It’s an American Holiday to remember heroic sacrifice, honoring the man and women who died serving the US army. The Memorial Day also Known as decoration day.  It starts after the civil war and become the official holiday in 1971. The holiday that celebrates every year was held on May 28, 2018, it marks as unofficial summer vacation. Mostly Peoples cometo cemeteries and remembers the sacrifice of the soldiers who died serving the country in Military. Peoples celebrate the day by decorating the graves of the solders by flowers and put an American flag on each grave. We should not confused with the armed forces day with Memorial Day, armed forces day celebrate earlier in May. Some peoples got confused because those two events come in a same month. What is the difference between armed forced day and Memorial Day? Armed forced day celebrate to honors those who currently serving the US military.And Memorial Day is a day in which we remember those who died serving the US military.

It is really unclear that in which town starts first to celebrate this day, because many towns claim to be the birth place of this day. An event in Charleston precipitated Memorial Day that offer poignant evidence a country who rebuild itself after the war. In Charleston a number of soldiers died in prison during the civil war, and buried in unmarked graves. And that town organized that day to remember those military heroes that we cannot even find those graves, to celebrate the Memorial Day is to honor those in which they landscaped in a burial ground. After the civil war the event to celebrate this day is scattered perhaps unsurprisingly because of the root differences north and south.

Even the 2nd world war till 1967 this day did not celebrate as a national holiday.

Finally this event stars when the congress passed the uniform holiday act in America in 1968.

Now it’s celebrated officially as the last Monday in the May. Rather then it celebrates in different date as it observed previously.

It’s an old tradition of Americans that decorate the graves of the solders with flowers after and before the civil war. Some peoples believes that the practice of decorate the graves is began before the civil war that reflect the true origin of this day. Event celebrate especially in rural area Graveyards and likely some areas where mountains are. Many peoples travel hundreds of miles to join this national event, they celebrate this event in different style like some peoples gathered in “Church” for spiritual satisfaction, and mostly in graveyards, relatives of solders stay till night and held a party. Get the Latest Memorial Day Sale Latest Deals and Offers only with

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